Day JS CDN for free

Day JS CDN for free


You're here because you are looking for a Free CDN of Dayjs and most probably you came here from my similar article DayJS: The best lightweight alternative to momentjs. If not, first you must check out my article and see the momentJS vs dayjs saga.

As it is written on the GitHub of dayjs 

Fast 2kB alternative to Moment.js with the same modern API

Default CDN:

All other plugins CDN links

Visit cdnjs for all other versions of dayjs CDNs.

Default CDN:[email protected]/dayjs.min.js

Visit UNPKG for other plugins and versions.

Default CDN:[email protected]/dayjs.min.js

Other plugins CDN links[email protected]/plugin/advancedFormat.js[email protected]/plugin/badMutable.js[email protected]/plugin/buddhistEra.js[email protected]/plugin/calendar.js[email protected]/plugin/customParseFormat.js[email protected]/plugin/dayOfYear.js[email protected]/plugin/duration.js[email protected]/plugin/isBetween.js[email protected]/plugin/isLeapYear.js[email protected]/plugin/isMoment.js[email protected]/plugin/isoWeek.js[email protected]/plugin/isoWeeksInYear.js[email protected]/plugin/isSameOrAfter.js[email protected]/plugin/isSameOrBefore.js[email protected]/plugin/isToday.js[email protected]/plugin/isTomorrow.js[email protected]/plugin/isYesterday.js[email protected]/plugin/localeData.js[email protected]/plugin/localizedFormat.js[email protected]/plugin/minMax.js[email protected]/plugin/objectSupport.js[email protected]/plugin/pluralGetSet.js[email protected]/plugin/quarterOfYear.js[email protected]/plugin/relativeTime.js[email protected]/plugin/timezone.js[email protected]/plugin/toArray.js[email protected]/plugin/toObject.js[email protected]/plugin/updateLocale.js[email protected]/plugin/utc.js[email protected]/plugin/weekday.js[email protected]/plugin/weekOfYear.js[email protected]/plugin/weekYear.js

Visit JSDelivr to get the list of all versions, plugins and locals.

Default CDN:

Other plugin CDN links

Visit PageCDN for all plugins and locals


What is CDN in JavaScript?

CDN (aka Content Delivery Network) is a network all around the world, to serve the content to a user from the nearest location in the network for a faster experience. There are many CDN providers, and is one of the most popular of all. Read What is a CDN for more details.

Is it better to use CDN or local?

Well, it's all about the use case. So suppose you have to use a couple of function of a library, then using local is preferable as all the other stuff from the library is not included in your project by tree shaking but CDN will load everything regardless of your use. But at the same time, if you're to use more than 50% of the library then using CDN is always a better option, as it loads faster then the local.


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