Chapter - 10: Strings

Write a program to reverse the strings stored in the following array of pointers to strings:

char *s[ ] = {
		 "To err is human...",
		 "But to really mess things up...",
		 "One needs to know C!!"
	 } ;



int main()
	char *s[] = {
		"To err is human",
		"But to really mess up things...",
		"One needs to know C!!"

	/*As the given strings are stored in the ROM (initialized direct in 
    the pointer saved them in ROM),	so they cannot be write only Read 
    operation can be done. So we just replace the pointer saved in the
	array of pointer to string by a new pointer in which we make changes.*/

	char *p;/*Pointer in which we will make changes*/

	for (int i = 0; i <= 2; i++)
		p = (char*)malloc(sizeof(strlen(s[i]) + 1));/*Allocating memory*/
		strcpy(p, s[i]);/*Copying content to be changed from the pointer 
        initialized to the new pointer*/
		_strrev(p);/*Reverse Operation taking place*/
		s[i] = p;/*Saving the changes in the array of pointers to string.*/

	return 0;

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