Chapter - 13: File Input-Output

Write a program to display the contents of a text file on the screen. Make the following provisions:

Display the contents inside a box drawn with opposite corner co-ordinates being ( 0, 1 ) and ( 79, 23 ). Display the name of the file whose contents are being displayed and the page numbers in the zeroth row. The moment one screenful of file has been displayed, flash a message ‘Press any key...’ in 24th row. When a key is hit, the next page’s contents should be displayed, and so on till the end of the file.

File (f).txt

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void getkey();
void gotoxy(short, short);
void box(short, short, short, short);

int main()
	box(0, 1, 79, 23);
	FILE *fp;
	char str[85];
	int i, j = 1;
	fp = fopen("File (f).txt", "r");
	if (fp == NULL)
		printf("FIle do not exist, or can't open the file.");
	i = 2;
	while (fgets(str, 76, fp) != NULL)
		gotoxy(1, 0);
		/*Printing page number*/
		printf("%d", j);
		gotoxy(32, 0);
		/*Printing the file name.*/
		printf("File (f).txt");
		gotoxy(3, i);
		/*Printing the file's content.*/
		printf("%s", str);
		if (i == 20)
			gotoxy(32, i + 4);
			printf("Press any key...");
			box(0, 1, 79, 23);
			/*Re-initializing variable for new page*/
			i = 2;
			/*Page number increamentation*/
	gotoxy(3, 10);
	printf("File Ends\n");
	return 0;

void getkey()
	char ch;
	ch = _getch();
	if (ch == 0)
		ch = _getch();
void gotoxy(short col, short row)
	COORD position = { col,row };
	SetConsoleCursorPosition(h, position);
void box(short x1, short y1, short x2, short y2)
	int i;
	gotoxy(0, 1);
	printf("%c", 218);/*Making upper-left corener*/
	gotoxy(79, 1);
	printf("%c", 191);/*Making upper-right corner*/
	gotoxy(0, 23);
	printf("%c", 192);/*Making lower-left corner*/
	gotoxy(79, 23);
	printf("%c", 217);/*Making lower-right corner*/
	for (i = x1 + 1; i < x2; i++)
		gotoxy(i, y1);
		printf("%c", 196);/*This will make upper side of the box*/
		gotoxy(i, y2);
		printf("%c", 196); /*This will make lower side of the box*/

	for (i = y1 + 1; i < y2; i++)
		gotoxy(x1, i);
		printf("%c", 179); //This will make left side of the box
		gotoxy(x2, i);
		printf("%c", 179); //This will make right side of the box

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